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Namespace Resources

Every namespace has a dedicated amount of resources. During the initial testing phase of Kubinity, you will have a quarter of a CPU core, 250 MB RAM and 2 GB of storage available for scheduling. Once Kubinity reaches enough maturity, it will be possible to allocate more resources in the cluster.

By default, a scheduled pod on Kubinity reserves 50m CPU and 50 MB RAM. This means that you can deploy 5 pods in total. However, the resources requested by a pod can be updated using its spec. Here's an example for nginx, which runs fine with way less resources:

apiVersion: v1
kind: Pod
name: frontend
- name: app
image: nginx:latest
memory: "25Mi"
cpu: "25m"

In theory, you could deploy 10 of these pods to your namespace.

To learn more about resources, check out the official documentation of Kubernetes.