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We're tracking ongoing development in a public repository. Got feature requests or suggestions? Feel free to open an issue!

Milestone 1: MVP (Reached! 🎉)

  • Admins can onboard new users via a simple command
  • Users are able to authenticate against the cluster to view, deploy and delete resources
  • A user can only access resources in their namespace
  • Users can consult the documentation to see how to access the cluster and deploy services

Milestone 2: Service Abstraction (Reached! 🎉)

  • Users can leverage preexisting tools like ingress and storage

Milestone 3: User Autonomy

  • Users can create an account via a web service to access the cluster
  • Users can create multiple namespaces
  • Users can fetch their access token, or, if they wish, the entire kubeconfig file
  • Users can regenerate their access token
  • Users can delete their account, whereby the namespace is deleted

Milestone 4: Web presence

  • A landing page advertising the service, with links to docs and contact
  • A blog with news to the platform

Milestone 5: Open Ecosystem

  • Factor out the logic of the management console to a public API
  • Make console use the new API
  • Open source console

Milestone 6: Pay-as-you-go

  • A new "pay as you go" tier for namespaces, billed monthly